Revolutionary Performance Coaching

We are revolutionizing the coaching process and working to improve the level of coaching worldwide. Ben is an international Trainer in NLP Coaching & created "Breakthrough Immersion Coaching" to help clients get fast and effective results in a short time frame. We offer supportive and accountability follow-up to support you in reinforcing and solidifying the changes for sustainable results.

Accelerated Personal Breakthrough

This is a highly immersive, highly effective Breakthrough process spanning a 2-3 day period.
You will get 10 hours of Breakthrough coaching in just 1 weekend, alone or as a couple in relationship.
Together we identify the most significant problem that you're dealing with right now.
Ben will use his skills at drawing out and interpreting the root cause and identify an action plan.

All of our Accelerated Personal Breakthroughs include 90 days of follow up coaching. This is to set you up for success, by offering feedback from a 3rd party perspective, cleaning up any negative emotions as we set clear intentions for the future and place a goal in your timeline using The Art of Creating Your Future ® processes."


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