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Speaking Testimonial – Joey Arora

Ben Patwa was a keynote speaker for a few events that I worked on and he is highly recommended for any event you have.

What was great about working with Ben was that he took the time before the event to get to know what success looked like for us and our attendees so that he could make sure that his message fit the audience.

He energized and engaged the crowd and make himself available for coaching during breakouts.

Techstars Startup Weekend and Department of Defense (U.S. Air force)

Speaking Testimonial – Joe Alvarez

“From the moment Ben Patwa stepped on stage, his energy and his presence, that he commanded was so engaging, he had us laughing he’s thought provoking and he called us to action.  He shared some things and invited me to take action in a way that completely changed my life.
I highly recommend Ben Patwa as a coach, consultant or as a speaker.”

~ Joe Alverez, CEO Higher Powered Coaching

The Pulse of Your Pitch

I share with you a simple structure to formulate a pitch about you and your company whether you’re looking for supporters, team mates or investors.  This can also be used when storytelling to attract more followers and covert them to raving fans.

The components you’ll need:

  1. Who you are (NOT what you do)
  2. The significant problem your audience experiences (The Valley)
    1. The major pain points for people with that problem
    2. What you or other tried to solve that problem that did NOT work
    3. What the additional costs or lost opportunities there are as a result of having that problem
  3. The solution that you found, including the turning point or epiphany that brought you to it (The Peak)
  4. Your Vision, Values & Vows – the 3 key things that help others Know, Like and Trust you.