Join us at the
recurring revenue retreat

create reliable, repeatable income,
without having to sell every month!

WHy Recurring Revenue?


A Membership or Subscription product is the most important program/offering for your business.

It will bring in consistent income and provide you with a solid base-revenue and the ability to provide on-going value without having to make repeated sales month after month.

This becomes the life-blood of your business and gives you the peace of mind and security to focus more on serving your audience while growing your other offerings.

Start something today that you’ll be grateful for
6-12 months from now!

Create and Implement at the event! 

We help you design and develop your program live at the event. 

We’ll look over-your-shoulder and provide feedback and insight so you can feel confident and ready with what you create.

Most programs give you the steps but leave you to get them done on your own.  This can be more overwhelming than overcoming!


Our programs are different because we take a team hands-on approach. 

We help you from ideation to implementation so you get it done on the spot with support from the community!


We help you create the design and develop
the program before you leave!

Expert Insight & Guidance


Insight & Guidance from Ben and his team.

Ben has been creating Recurring Revenue programs for himself and clients for over 13 years.

At the retreat, you will get his input on your hook, pricing, technology and how to launch your Recurring Revenue program. 

Ben and the team will look at where you may already have content or offerings developed that can help you do a speed-launch and start to bring in recurring income.

Learn from experts who’ve created multiple programs that bring in revenue year after year

One of the most important aspects of your program that will drive sales and grow your memberships is the HOOK.

This is the secret sauce that will keep your members coming back for more, month after month.

We will discuss and research what will meet the needs of your audience/market and choose the pricing sweet spot to launch.

Over time, you’ll learn how to grow & raise your prices as you gain momentum and add value to the offer.


Get input on the messaging and the marketing hook that will attract the right members to start and grow your program!

Tech Tactics

We break down the technology side of things into small bite-size steps so that tech is never in the way of you creating and selling your products or ideas again!

Done-with-you setup – we’ll help you set up programs and tools before you leave so you feel more confident and ready to use them (no more wasted money on tools you don’t use).

Even after you leave, we’ll support you with specific, personalized advice on the tech stack (multiple services integrated) for your business needs.

Never let tech get in the way of you creating and selling your products or ideas again!

The beauty of live events is that we can help you start developing habits around productivity and performance.

Implement habits to manage your activities/time around creating new products or programs, and be on your way to roll-out a new strategy every 90 days!

Peak performance state control – what to do to get into state and to handle rough patches (because they often happen) so that you can stay on track and meet or exceed your goals!

Learn High Performance Habits


Dec 1-5 2021


After over 18 months of running trainings online, we have it down to a science.  You’ll find this training engaging, encouraging and most of all you’ll take action during the event, something often missed with live, virtual courses.

We’ve designed the program to included prep work you can do before we meet live & online – this makes our time together more effective and efficient.

During the training you’ll be able to meet for one-on-one coaching with an expert in strategy, program design, tech tools and copywriting to get laser focused feedback that keeps you moving forward!


The deets

Welcome networking and social evening  Dec 1st



Recurring Revenue Retreat
Thurs – Sun Dec 2nd-5th 
Full Days


28 days follow-up 
coaching & support included!

(online in our private community)

This will be delivered live each day, completely online, with the use of private breakout rooms for your coaching.

You will receive the most hands on support in YOUR business from our team, helping you create a program to bring you repeatable, reliable income.


Most frequent questions and answers

Please bring any personal supplements or snacks for your health or dietary needs. Please remember any important medication.

Bring comfortable clothing.  Nashville in July will be HOT!

Bring water bottles, note pads, pens and any other learning materials.

Bring your laptop, iPad, camera or any tech gadgets you’ll use in your business.

Please be sure to bring usernames and passwords for things such as your website, email programs, domain names as well as any branding images or logos.

Once you get to the retreat house you won’t need a vehicle to get around. 

We recommend coordinating arrival with other attendees so you can share an Uber to the house and back to the airport.

Is there a guarantee that you’ll wake up tomorrow?

No, yet you live as though you will. 

We will share the same tactics we use in our own business and help you design & deploy a Recurring Revenue Program that can continue to make you money month-after-month.

Ultimately your success is in your hands.

Most programs share information with you and too often it’s generic.  We approach our work as though we are part of your team. 
Ben’s nickname is “Substitute CEO” because of his ability to “get inside your business” and share a map to guide your growth and success!

My High PErforming Clients.

Mentorship Testimonial

THIS GUY! Life changing coach… just absolutely spectacular, hand on heart the most insightful, intelligent and fun coach I have ever worked with.”
Dan Cohen
Program Director - Body Combat & CX Worx, & Global Leadership Director for Les Mills International