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Helping your company scale through efficient and
effective leverage of people, process and performance.


I believe that a connected and engaged workforce can be the difference between your organization being good or great.

The cornerstone of our consulting is to cultivate connection through communication trainings and a culture where your staff is all-in.

As a gold medal-winning athlete it became very clear to me that in order for us to win in high-stakes situations and to be consistent throughout the whole season, I needed to speak in a way others could understand and lead in a way that others would follow.
I’d love to help your organization become the best of the best.  Regardless of how good you are already, we’ll make you better.


Let’s Help Your People Perform Better!

“This was the best team building training we’ve ever had… and it wasn’t a team building training!” ~ CEO

I worked with a national non-profit organization to support their leadership team. Their goal was to roll out a 5-year capital campaign growing 36% year -on-year.
We achieved that every year that we worked together.

Teams worked with:

  • Executive Team (CEO, CMO, CFO, CDO, CIO)
  • Major Gifts (sales equivalent for non-profits)
  • Speaker Team for National Conference (Organizers and speakers)
  • Publicity team

Satisfied Employees

Speakers at National Conference


Annual Revenue Growth

Best Friends Animal Society – National Non-Profit
Leaders of the No Kill Movement

Mission, Vision, & Values Development

The Mission, Vision and Values of your corporation are like a north star or guiding light. This drives the focus of your teams and the brand experience felt by your customers.  Your organization may have a mission statement, but does it attract the right employees and customers?
Whether you have been in business for 100 days or 100 years, it is important to stay in alignment. This ensures you remain efficient and effective as your organization continues to grow.
As the market evolves and the psychology of your ideal customer changes it is vital to stay relevant and adapt as needed.

“Ben is very intelligent in the sense of knowing exactly what we need to communicate.
He helped me bring my message to the forefront and close the pitch.

It was phenomenal actually, the best mentor thus far!”

~ Founder,  Draper University Graduate

Give your staff the
Ultimate Culture Experience!

Video from a Culture Day we did for 150 staff at FACEBOOK

Employee Professional Development Programs

Companies who invest in their people make a 400-7000% return on investment in profits.
High performing companies have used personality testing for decades. It helps executives, managers and HR to understand their employees. This in turn helps you to maximize performance and job satisfaction at the same time.
I create custom interviewing, hiring and on-boarding programs for clients. This helps them attract and recruit the most ideal staff. Keeping your teams longer reduces lost revenue, poor productivity and low morale. All things that are created through poor hiring and wasted training.
We use assessments to develop customized hiring & on-boarding processes for your employees.
These help you to know who to hire. You’ll know how long they’ll stay with your company and which departments they’ll thrive in. Imagine having a blueprint for how to manage and inspire them to do their best work, before they even start.

At Telia, we implemented a employee development program across 5 countries.  Over a 6 month period we improved employee morale by 34%, decreased attrition of employees by 33% and increased productivity by 57%!

Sales Team Training

Your sales team will receive training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and learn how to create and close a sale in today’s markets with specific work on the psychology of today’s customers. I develop a 5-step sales process specific to your business, products/ services, industry and goals of the VP of sales. Some of the areas that I’ve developed sales trainings for include: Real Estate, Fitness, Health Clubs, Non-profit fundraising, Network Marketing and Seminar Industry.

Sales Account growth and development

I can work with your existing sales team on your existing accounts to grow and scale the services, products and revenues with your current clients. The advertising and marketing costs involved with acquiring new clients is one of the biggest costs to organizations. I’ll work with your sales and account managers so that they know how to communicate specifically to nurture and up-sell for increased profits.

Ben helped us grow our revenue by 505% using his Signature Sales System.

We applied his advice at the beginning of our launch and within 5 days we’d sold over $500,000, more than 4 other launches combined!

~ CEO of international Personal Development Organization

CEO of startup Medigram was given just 13 days to raise $150k.
By implementing my sales strategies she did 234% and raised $350,000 in 13 days.

“Thanks to your coaching we got commitment for the $500k round, $100k already committed from [investor] and $350k still to bring over the line.
This would not have been possible without your coaching and support. Much gratitude.”

~ Sherri D

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