There’s a beautiful Chinese proverb – “There’s no use rowing harder, if it’s in the wrong direction”

As a leader it’s vital to look up, to keep your head up vs be overly focused on the minutia and bogged down in the details. This helps you to see the feedback from others and the situations around you which allow you to pivot or made adjustments so that you can correct and continue.

In basketball we would practice dribbling the ball and coach would shout “keep ya head up” because that would allow us to see the opportunities that would present themselves, or as we got really good we could see them before they even happened.

As a leader, your ability to influence others is linked to your ability to pay attention to what’s happening around you, care about the feedback your employees, team and customers have to share with you, because if you’re only focused on yourself then you may be missing out on the small changes you can make that bring big results and success in an ever changing marketplace!

Live with passion, and influence millions.
Ben Patwa

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