Speaking Testimonial – Joe Alvarez

"From the moment Ben Patwa stepped on stage, his energy and his presence, that he commanded was so engaging, he had us laughing he’s thought provoking and he called us to action.  He shared some things and invited me to take action in a...

The Pulse of Your Pitch

I share with you a simple structure to formulate a pitch about you and your company whether you're looking for supporters, team mates or investors.  This can also be used when storytelling to attract more followers and covert them to...

Speaker & Coach Testimonial – Jon Dunn

I worked with Jon for their national conferences that bring over 2500 people from across the USA together for tips and strategies to help them save lives. I helped 64 speakers over 2 years including the opening and closing keynotes to help...

Host Testimonial – Andres Ospina

Here's a testimonial from event owner and organizer Andres Ospina. He put on the Wealth in Health Business Summit and attracted experts in fitness, nutrition, yoga, meditation, chiropractic and more. I delivered practical business...

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